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Old updates from April 17, 2000 to March 16, 2002.

March 16, 2002 - Nothing much, but the Mini-Library, its rating system, and the author's notes to Duty got refreshed/rewritten. Of all the sections, the author's notes got the most change since I am no longer making my Sailormoon fanfic a spin-off from Jendra's fanfic.

March 15, 2002 - Just added a simple Worthy Causes page. Nothing big. I'm currently waiting for my hair to dry before going to bed.

Oh yes... I _really_ shouldn't have drank that large quantity of Coke I was given after ordering two slices of pizza for lunch. X_X;;; It's around 4:18am, and I'm wide awake, dang it.

March 14, 2002 - Okay, I got off my behind and made two link banners for people to use. You'll see them in the F.A.Q. area.

Also, I have updated the Personal Information section as well. Not a lot of changes, just a few.

I did this a while ago, but I've fixed a few spelling errors in my Sailormoon fanfic, Duty. If you have my fanfic on your hard drive, consider downloading the "new" versions, as they have been run through the spell-checker. ^_~

Updated later: The Links Page has received an update. Links that have been broken are either fixed or labeled as broken.

November 22, 2001 - Thank goodness for Thanksgiving holidays. =) Yes, that's the only reason why I managed to squeeze in an update.

Once again, mostly maintenance stuff. Updating the Links Page once again with both new and old links. Quite a few sites have retired and others have kinda... Died. Died means that the website is still up, however, the webmaster/webmistress decided not to touch the website anymore due to that lack of interest and stuff. Actually, now that I think about it, quite a few of the sites in my Links Page are dead. Have been so for a few number of years. So depressing... =(

B-chan is currently moving her website to a new server since Angelfire kicked her off. (I'm a little shady on the details.) In any case, once she gets her website up and running, I'll fix the URLs to her website.

I have added a CardCaptor Sakura section to the Links Page. If you look around, I've also added quite a number of links to practically all link sections. And let me tell you, that's not even _half_ of my bookmarks. Heh.

BTW, if you were expecting more, I'm sorry. All I have are updates to the Links Page. Please, go take a look other people's websites. They put so much work into them, it'll be crazy not to enjoy them. Thank you.

Off to bed with me.

August 6, 2001 - Updated the Links Page. Fixed some broken links, and added a few new links. Oh, yeah, and I found B-chan's Homepage! ^^;;;

July 4, 2001 - Joined a rather serious cliche called Equality. (Scroll down to see. [Edit: On the main page.])

I told myself that one cliche was enough. I would join no more cliches.


June 24, 2001 - After some consideration, I decided to post a link to my Bravenet Forum board. I have been considering a wide number of message boards, so I may or may not change the type of board. For now, I'm going to use my Bravenet forum, but I also have an ezboard and a Ikonboard under consideration. (By the way, those links lead to the websites that provide the message boards.) The Bravenet forum is more simple, while the other two are a bit more complex; especially the Ikonboard since you have to have your own cgi-bin complete with the power to change your file permissions in order to install it. (The Ikonboard is a free _software_ download, so it is up to the user to find the space and set up the whole thing.) In any case, for now, I chose to go with the simpler forum. Perhaps later, I'll use other boards.

June 22, 2001 - Because Terrashare is closing down all its sites, DBZ Uncensored and Sailor Moon Uncensored are in the process of moving. (Boy, am I glad I ultimately decided not to place my website at my Terrashare account.)

Well, actually, Sailor Moon Uncensored is moving; DBZ Uncensored is being closed down. Why? Read Chris Psaros's good-bye message.

I'd have to agree with him on this; I used to go to his website everyday because it was interesting to read. However, after while, his updates didn't have any real content, so I only occasionally visited his site. For the record, I liked reading the editorials section and the closed-down opinions section rather than the episode comparisions. Why? Maybe because I like to read about other people's opinions.

Since DBZ Uncensored's status is now retired, I, like most sites I honor, will leave a link to the site on my links page. Sometimes a site leaves behind a record of what was done; some don't. I choose to honor the sites that are gone by leaving the link. If the link becomes broken, I will post a note that it is indeed broken.

By the way, I know that the B-chan's Homepage link in the DBZ Links section is broken. I do not know what happened to her site. Maybe she doesn't know herself. For now, I'm leaving the link as it is because I do not think she would intentionally delete her site without a note. Therefore, I see her site as temporary disabled. I will fix the link once B-chan has a new website.

Now, if you were expecting an update with content, I'm sorry, but I don't have any to give to you right now. It's not because I've lost interest in the site; actually, far from it. It's because I still have summer school until July 6th. And after that my family and I are going for a week-long vacation to... Disney World! I kid you not. I have never been to Disney World (Disneyland doesn't count) in my whole twenty years of living. I plan to do some swimming, hang out with my family, and a great deal of relaxing. I'm not joking when I say I've been burned out since college. Actually, I started burning out during senior year of high school, and was totally burned out by the time sophmore year of college started. (That's roughly... 2-3 years...) So, please, have a little pity on a pisces who got herself burned, okay? I thank you. ^_^;

May 21, 2001 - FortuneCity did something bad. First they prevented me from updating the text version of Duty. Then they deleted the original file I was trying to replace! Bad, bad, bad FortuneCity! I no like. I move over to Tripod. ^_^;

Please change your links and bookmarks to (Even if you have to change them manually, since I didn't use it to cloak my real address.) This is a redirection address that I got from CJB.NET because if I do move around, it'll always point to DayDream Hideaway no matter where I move. So if my page mysteriously disappears, you'll have an address that automatically goes to where I moved DayDream Hideaway.

I have also added a few links to the Links Page (including the Sailormoon and Dragonball Z link pages).

May 16, 2001 - Sorry for not updating for the past few months. I have two reasons why I didn't update: school and finals. Gomen nasai!

I have changed text and link colors for most of the pages on my site. I've found that the colors I have chosen originally are too dark if people's computer monitors are old, or the contrast/brightness isn't too high. I miss the colors I used originally; I liked them a lot, even though they were dark. =(

I have also changed my counter. I hope Kokutan isn't too upset about this, but I'm a little worried that Aaddzz, the company that made the counter I used to use, hasn't updated their site since June 3, 1999. While the counter still worked, and they had a great selection of styles to choose from, it still urks me that nothing really new is going on their website. Maybe the changing stock market scared them out of business? Anyway, I'm using Bravenet's counter, and it's only going to count the number of visits. So, the counter will now be more accurate as to how many people really come here. ^^;;;

I also have a new guestbook. Since no one e-mails me about my site ( ;_; ), I guess I need a guestbook to get feedback. Please sign!

I have updated my F.A.Q. and added a new page, Personal Information. I've decided that it was time that I separated questions about the site from questions about me. ^^;

There is a lot more for me the fix (such as broken links in the Links Page), but I figured I might as well update with what I have done so far. This is just to let people know that I'm not dead.

February 5, 2001 - I vowed that I would never join a cliche. Well, people, I broke that vow. ^_^;;; I have joined my first cliche, the summoners. And I'm really, really happy about it. Wheee!

No, this does not mean that I will start signing up for every single cliche I find. I'm really picky about which cliches I will join. It's just that I liked the idea of the summoners so much that I just _HAD_ to join. Plus I got my first choice. Heh heh heh...

Other than that, no, I have nothing else updated. Sorry. But I am taking an art class. ^_^;;;;;

January 15, 2001 - Sorry for the lack of updates, but I had a really busy semester. Here's what's new:

Kokutan has moved her part of the site to a new location, leaving me with the whole site. ^_^; So, I have moved to, the address you are at right now. It may not seem like a big deal, but it lets me have shorter addresses for most of my pages here. ^^;; Kokutan has move her site to http:// Because of this move, I have moved all my other pages to new directories, and if you have linked to one of my pages on this site, please update those links.

Second thing: I have finally posted Duty in the Mini-Library *yes, that short story I mentioned about a half a year ago*. ^^; I have also re-organized the library a bit and posted a simple rating system for my fanfics.

Third thing: Dendeshe has moved on and closed her website *yeah, I know, it happened a few months ago, but I was busy with college!*. I have updated the links section to reflect this change.

Fourth thing: The Main Gallery has been re-designed and 6 newly posted works are there for your viewing.

Impressed? Well, lots of stuff kinda piled up. ^^; As for the computer animation class stuff, I think I will make a section for it; just not right now. Enjoy what I have up!

September 17, 2000 - Hmmm... I never thought that school would give me a reason to update this page, but it has! ^^; Okay, it just so happens that _one_ of the homework assignments for one of my classes (CS39A - Computer Science 39A) I have to make a webpage. Actually, the class is a seminar, and it's only 2 units. But it's a FUN seminar! Why? ^^; It's about computer animation! Yup, yup, ol' Pisces is going to learn about computer animation. ^_^; The reason why I'm updating, is because I'm debating whether to display the homework assignments here rather than in the temporary space given to me to use for the class. I'm still not sure if I want to do this, so for now, you won't see what I'm doing for the class. But if you're really interested, please, please, e-mail me. ^^; Maybe you can change my mind...

Updates: Tomo-chan has moved her page, formerly called Tomo-chan's Realm of Insanity! ^^; She's moved it some time ago, but I, being busy *or just plain lazy*, haven't been able to update the link. Now it is called Tomosei, and I must say, her new page's layout is very pretty! ^^; I like.

On a sadder note, I have taken off my Sailormoon fanfic, The Return of the Silver Guardians. Why? Because I have a lot of things going on and I haven't seriously worked with it for 2-3 years. Ack. Don't worry, I will post it again. Someday... -_-;

August 13, 2000 - Small update. Summer school is finally over and I have two weeks until the regular fall semester starts. Lucky me. -_-;

Anyway, I have done some minor revisions to the Dragonball Links Section and have added a new link there. You'll see when you get there and look around a bit. ^_^;

I'm planning to add some more images to the Gallery, but I need to re-design the whole thing since it's starting to look tacky. Those comments of Kokutan's are pretty old now... Maybe 2-3 years old? o_O;;;; So, I'll rehaul the Gallery and add the new images at the same time. Be patient, please. I'll try to get it done before school starts... Again... -_-;;;; Oi... School is a pain......

July 16, 2000 - 'Tis a sad day indeed. First, I just recently found out that Wiznut has retired his Dragonball site. What was once called "Wiznut's Dragonball Tribute" is now Wiznut's Leftovers. You may still go and visit a slimmed down version of his site. Please be aware that his page is now static, meaning it will not be updated anymore. (Update as of May 19, 2001: Wiznut's site is gone. I do not know what happened, [maybe his account got deleted] but it does not exist anymore. The link will lead you to a 404 Not Found Error page.)

Second sad thing: Katchan/Kittychan has removed all her fanfiction from her site, Kittychan's Little Fanfic Thing. Why? Well, the reason is posted on her site, but I'm gonna tell you part of it anyway.

*Insert rant here. If you want to read it, go here.*

With the ranting aside, I have finally spruced up the Gallery. A subsection of the Gallery has also opened. I present to you, the newly opened, Crystal Museum of Art. There you will find all the Sailormoon Fanart has been hauled over there. Three newly scanned drawings have been posted there, as well as four drawings in the Main Gallery, so all of you can go have a looksee.

As for the dubbed Sailormoon S? Well... I saw the first episode, was quite impressed with the fact that the original Japanese background music was left in, and was shocked to hear new *and not very good* voice actors for the Sailor *cough* Scouts. The second episode I never saw because for some reason, the cable just decided to go out on me. *fumes at the television* And THEN summer school came around, which is why I haven't updated in over a month.
BTW, before anyone complains, I'm in college now, and yes, my summer school grades DO count for my GPA. If I get a GPA lower than a 2.00 then I basically get kicked out of the university. Comprende? Good.

June 12, 2000 - Major work on the links pages! First, I put up separate links for the Sailor Senshi Page and Cookie Day! I felt that this is appropriate because Cookie Day! is a _LARGE_ site, and the Sailor Senshi Page is only a portion of it. Plus, I didn't want visitors to have to search for the Sailor Senshi Page in Cookie Day!

I have reorganized the Dragonball Links Section and created a Character Shrine section within it. I was a little irked by the fact that I would put character-worshipping sites under the Miscellaneous section. Ouch.

I've also added five links:
Juunana-gou's Temple
Wiznut's Dragonball Tribute
The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko
The Kienzan's Edge
Dendeshe's Lookout

All are very good sites and worth visiting.

I have also updated the F.A.Q. page about which URL/address should be used to link to the main page of DayDream Hideaway *which, in case you didn't know, you're at right now*.

BTW, today, Cartoon Network's Toonami is showing the newly dubbed episodes of Sailormoon S at 4:00pm Pacific Time. I don't know if I should be scared or happy. Well, I'll see how it goes after today. I'm not expecting too much. Bye for now!

May 31, 2000 - Well, Juuhachi-gou, one of the authors of Dragon Ball Super Z has moved! Her site can now be found here. And yes, I did change my Dragonball Links. ^_^;

I have finally updated all the pages with the newer, shorter URL. Also, I have a mirror page for DayDream Hideaway. This is so that you can just go to ganyme/pisces6/index.html. This is a _MUCH_ shorter URL than the previous one. I ask that you bookmark this newer URL because it's much shorter and a less of a pain to type out.

Oh, and those of you with 640 by 480 resolution ought to be happy now. My website _SHOULD_ work okay now. I've fixed the little problem with the banners in the links pages. My F.A.Q. page has been updated to show this.

May 18, 2000 - As promised, an UPDATE! ^^; People, I introduce to you, the magnificent Filing Cabinet!! *Now, everyone thinks that Pisces6 has lost her marbles. o_O;*

Wait a sec, don't LOOK at me like I'm deranged creature! I'm not! *Honest, to the Kami-sama above!* The Filing Cabinet is my version of an update archive. That's right. You will now only see the most recent update message, here, on the main page. All other past update messages will reside in the Filing Cabinet until they are too old to be of any use. Then, these updates will be deleted for good. However, if there are a few update messages that I feel that SHOULD be kept for a longer period of time, I will leave them there.

As a special celebration to the end of the semester, the mainpage has a spanking new banner! I will start replacing other banners as well, for the links page, and the library since they are quite old and take up a little bit more space than they really should. Also, I'm starting to re-do some of the directory and the way this page is organized. So, DayDream Hideaway is going to get some late spring cleaning. ^_^;

Added later at around 9:41am, Pacific Time. - Added three more links to the Links Page along with it's NEW banner. Surprised? I _told_ you I'm doing major updating! ^_^;

Added around 10:19am, Pacific Time. - Updated F.A.Q. section.

May 16, 2000 - Well, it looks like I'm updating sooner than I expected. Good news for Dragonball fans! ^_^; DBZ Uncensored has been updated! The bad news? Well... It's not a _real_ update, but it's still an important one. Why? Because the site has moved to a new location, that's why! Change your bookmarks, people! Oh, and yes, I have changed mine. ^^;;;

April 17, 2000 - F.A.Q. page up and a counter. Thanks for the counter, Onee-chan!

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