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Welcome to the Gallery! Here you'll find my drawings and other doodles I have worked on. So far, I've only posted a small percentage of the art I've actually started, so, this is actually just a small sampling of what I've scanned in. Since I'm changing how the gallery is organized, the descriptions I had for each picture have been taken off. I might put them back up later, if time permits.

By the way, please ask if you want to post my art on your page. I would like to be given credit for the art I do. With that said, have fun! =D

[Original Art] [Sailormoon Fanart] [Miscellaneous Fanart] [Co-Drawn Art] [Gift Art] [Wallpapers]

Original Art

Not based on any existing anime. I know that some of the following pictures are in anime-style, but they are still original drawings because none of them come from any existing anime characters. (Otherwise, it's just a coincidence, I tell you! ^^;) And yes, I actually do draw stuff other than just anime! =P

A smiling girl... A striped horse, but it's not a zebra! Random doodle that looks like it should be part of a comic strip. I don't like what's going on here... I'm an Angel!  Really I am... *sigh* Spiky-haired pegasus... I need a haircut... Look at me...  Ain't I cute? Is that... Hibari Kumei?!! Why... ? A winged unicorn. Dragon claws. Black unicorn. Back of a dragon... A flaming, energy phoenix. A winged lion. A gryphon. A hawk.

Sailormoon Fanart

Drawing Sailormoon fanart represented a big break-through for me since it was the start of me being able to draw people instead of animals. Hence, there is a large number of Sailormoon fanart in comparision to fanart for other series. You can see how much my drawing style (at least in anime/manga style) has changed over the years by looking through my Sailormoon fanart.

Haruka in a cape... Michiru in a cape... Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto Super Sailor Saturn examining her Silence Glaive Sailor Pluto Super Sailor Neptune and Uranus Super Sailor Moon Super Sailor Saturn looking especially serious... Super Sailor Saturn in Color A Close Up of Super Sailor Saturn A Strange Perspective of Super Sailor Uranus Super Sailor Venus Super Sailor Jupiter A Close Up Shot of Super Sailor Jupiter Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mercury Super Sailor Chibi Moon Princess Serenity Young Usagi

Miscellaneous Fanart

Fanart for other anime/manga series. Currently just filled with two Dragonball Z drawings and one Magic Knight Rayearth one (which is reeeeally old, but I'd like to finish it one day).

Jinzouningen Juunana-gou Chibi Vejiita Shidou Hikaru

Co-Drawn Art

Not much here yet, however, this is where I post artwork that I've done with friends. So far, it's only been kiohl and I that have been doing this. ^_^ Usually kiohl does the outlines, and I do the shading/coloring in. XD

Kurome (the tanuki) and Seiran (the se'kari).  :D

Gift Art

I've acquired quite a bit of artwork from friends as gifts, so I've decided to post them here. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! :D

Tenoh Haruka with ruby eyes by Deaku!  XD Aurora with MKII armor by Deaku.  =) Aurora (an Ragnarok Online character) and Dissonance switch headgear!  (Also done by Deaku) Zareru (my elf) by Deaku!  :D :D :D If Seiran was a mokey...  XD  (By kiohl.) RO Characters in chibi-form by kiohl!  XD XD XD  Aren't they cute?! Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi by Marron!  XD Piccolo in Batman gear by Goharotto!  :D


I usually start making wallpapers if I get bored from making a layout or if I'm unsatisfied with the wallpapers I can find online. I have a few wallpapers I've started making, however I've only finished one. x_x Need to work on the others. ;P

Fishie Wallpaper! This was a wallpaper I made while working on DayDream Hideaway's last layout featuring a fish print. It's not terribly good, but it's not half bad, in my opinion. =)
[1024 by 768] [800 by 600] [640 by 480]
Grip! Wallpaper This was a wallpaper I made while working on DayDream Hideaway's current layout (which was very different from what it is now). I love it. =)
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