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Filing Cabinet

Missed something? The Filing Cabinet is my version of an update page/archive. All update messages will reside here since I'm such a packrat. ;P Please note that the links on this page might be outdated. I hate broken links, but I don't have time to find them all, sorry. X_X;;;

May 2, 2004 - Been extraordinarily busy lately; went to a friend's birthday party (OMG, P6 actually went to a party! The world has ended!), and was recovering from a cold last week. I went out with a friend last Sunday morning and got three new books for a pretty good deal. (Come on, two of the books that cost $7.99 each, both at least one inch thick. The other was around two inches. And the third book was free! XD Aaaaaah! <3 Borders.)

I've added some more babble about what this website is about on the main page (hum, looks like I'm gonna have to start making new sections for all that additional information somewheres since the main page is starting to look really cluttered), noticed that Equality had moved again, so I've updated the link on my main page and re-added Juuhachi-gou's Place of Being back to my Links page.

I've also moved the to the Dead Links section since it no longer exists.

I've been thinking where I want this website to go. While I don't mind adding more of my writing and drawings, I feel like there's something I should add to this website. Well, we'll see.

As a word of warning, I might not be able to update this website weekly as I used to since I need to start working on a layout for a friend... A layout I sorta started maybe two years ago and never finished. (Ack!) So, updating this website will not be a first priority as it had been when I first produced the current layout.

But don't worry, I'm not abandoning this website. I might disappear, sure, but I don't abandon this website. This website has become my baby, and I deliberately chose its name because it'll fit right in with whatever I do with it.

Those of you who remember the days when this website was still Pisces6's Page on Geocities (and run by Taurus/Ganymede/Kokutan [this is only a small sampling of the names she used to use!]), I congratulate you for keeping up with this website's moves. =) I think I'll be writing a little history (Ha! As if it'll stay little.) of this website one day...

April 11, 2004 - Sorry, I don't have anything new except for one outline drawing (original art) that I plan to color in the Gallery and one poem in the Mini-Library. Been busy since I now am in an internship, and I usually come home exhausted. For those of you who read my LiveJournal, the drawing and the poem should look familiar as I have posted entries about them earlier.

April 4, 2004 - I've added two more links to the Links page in the HTML Help section: W3Schools and (a design weblog).

March 27, 2004 - There's a few 'tweaks' I've done to the website; one of them is the fact that this website's webpages are now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. You probably can't see the difference unless you're using one of the web browsers that didn't render the complete layout, or the old layout did work, but now something's off.

I've updated the Disclaimers & © Info section since the gallery had new material that was derived from other anime series/games. (Oh boy, was that pain, let me tell you that!)

I've also edited the cascading stylesheet for this layout, but, unless you're looking at my source code, you probably can't tell the difference.

I know this update was boring. Sorry! x.x

March 17, 2004 - Added a new link banner to the FAQ as well as added a new wallpaper that I started while working on this website's current layout and then stopped when I got tired of working on it. Just started working on it today and finished it! :D Enjoy!

March 11, 2004 - Added three new sections to the Gallery: the Co-Drawn Art section (1 picture), the Gift Art section (8 pictures), and the Wallpapers section (the fishie wallpaper I took down earlier). Enjoy! =)

March 7, 2004 - Added one link (Rymsie's InuYasha) to the Links Page in the Miscellaneous Anime Links Section. Didn't do too much this weekend concerning website stuff since I went with kiohl to AnimeOverdose, the Santa Clara Anime Festival yesterday. It was quite fun. ;D

March 2, 2004 - I added four more pictures to the Original Art section in the Gallery and two pictures to the Sailormoon fanart section. Enjoy. =)

February 29, 2004 - Heh, I haven't updated since... >.>;;; November of 2002, aiyaaah. x_x Anyway, here's the list of changes:

  • Took out the forum.
  • Took out some questions from the FAQ that weren't needed anymore.
  • A lot, I mean, a lot of links from the links page.
  • Took out the fishie wallpaper temporarily.
  • Moved the about me section to become part of the FAQ.
  • The "Crystal Museum of Art" which hosted the Sailormoon fanart section is now part of the main gallery.
  • Added new questions to the FAQ.
  • Added some "new" Sailormoon fanart (as in, I had in scanned in, but never bothered to add it to the gallery.
  • Added the old Magic Knight Rayearth sketch I had hanging around. XD
  • New layout for the entire website.

What I'm hoping is that this will help make the website easier to update, and hence, will allow me to update more often. ;D Right now, the gallery is really easy to update, even though I would like to put the descriptions of each picture back in eventually. ^^; Anyway, enjoy the updates. ;P

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Old updates from April 17, 2000 to March 16, 2002.

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