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This is currently a list of websites I visit the most. I've taken down a lot of the links to other places simply because they're gone, moved to another URL, or I just don't visit them that much anymore.

The other reason is that my links page needs to be cleaned up and this is probably the best way I can do it; by deleting all links that I don't really use at the moment, and gradually adding back the ones I think are most worthwhile.

So... Enjoy. ;D

[Friends' Sites] [Miscellaneous Anime Links] [HTML Help] [Random Links] [Dead Links]

Friends' Sites

silver orb

I met kiohl back in second grade, then lost touch with her when she changed schools after third grade. Then, we meet up again in UC Berkeley for some freshman fair. XD Anyway, she draws and updates more than I do, so check her website out. ;D

Enpitsudo Dojo

Goharotto a.k.a. Travis has really put a lot of work into his website. He's quite good with computer graphics, and his drawings are terrific. His fanfic, Dragon Ball Yugure Z, is long and quite good. I like. ^^;; He also has a Sailormoon fanfic, hosts Deaku's fanfiction, and maintains the sprite comic, A Ninja in 20XX, as well. Enjoy. :D

Greenbean's Homepage

Greenbeans is well-known for her fanfic, College, and Distant which are both focused around Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. She also writes fanfic for other stuff, so do take a look around. You may find something you like. ;D Fanart, essays, and a comic called "Lost Dreams" are also hosted there. Have fun! =)

Centra Garden

This is where Greenbeans's Final Fantasy VIII fanfic (which is more of a prequel than anything else) resides. It goes into of what might have been the background for the actual game, and in my opinion, is quite interesting. =) The main characters of this fanfic are Quistis and Xu, however, this fanfic goes into other people's points of view as well. Note: You don't have to like Final Fantasy VIII to like this story. ;D

Besides being my host, this collective has a large amount of information on Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, with some tidbits on Celtic, Hindu, Greek, and Roman mythology. There is also a personal site devoted to her original fiction complete with her own original drawings and her own original comic series. Have fun. ;D

Evil Angel Network

Gwen's collective of websites and cliques. :D It's filled with personal artwork and writing along with shrines to various characters from various anime. Enjoy your stay. ;D

Miscellaneous Anime Links

The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever

Created and maintained by the Amazoness Quartet! This site is famous *or infamous, depending on your point of view* for pointing out some of the most badly-made Sailormoon websites on the 'Net. It also offers tips and suggestions on how to improve your website, find free webspace, and more! They also have a section which exhibits well-designed/original Sailormoon sites whose owners deserve recognition for their hard work and effort. It's now static, however, I still use it as a resource for tips on website construction. ^_^

Rymsie's InuYasha

This is basically a website filled with links to various Inuyasha fanfics. Rymsie's fanfic, Cast of the Stone, was the fanfic that got me interested in Sesshoumaru and is the reason why I tend to favor the Kagome and Sesshoumaru pairing even though I don't mind the Kagome and Inuyasha pairing. She has other fanfics along with links to other author's fanfics.

Juuhachi-gou's Place of Being

One of the co-authors of the series, Dragon Ball Super Z! I especially recommend reading it. It's well-written and the story is staged in the Mirai (Future) world where Mirai no Trunks (literally, Trunks of the Future, or Future Trunks for short) came from. To say any more would give away the story. ^_-

This is a relatively new anime/manga resource website, however, I like it because of the tutorials and articles it features on website design and on anime. It even has reviews of various anime/manga series. The previous layout for DayDream Hideaway was actually somewhat of a test to try out something I learned from this website. ;D


I don't have any hentai on my website; however I totally agree with their stance towards the hentai debate.



A great resource for those who are struggling with HTML. An excellent place to go even if you're an expert at HTML. I found this site while looking through the Amazoness Quartet's "Page Tips" on The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever. I have to admit, at first, I wasn't very impressed with the site. It's mainpage is a little overwhelming (because it's so full of recent news and info). But after scanning through one of the tutorials, I really started appreciating this site. It has tuturials on just about everything; from the basics to page design to frames. It also has a color code chart (really helpful), special characters chart, and more. Incredible!

HTML Goodies

Another good resource for those who are learning HTML. This place rivals Webmonkey on who has the most information about HTML, web design, and programming. To tell you the truth, I usually use Webmonkey, since it was the first HTML tutorial website I found. Still, it's good to have a diversity of websites to go to just in case if the usual one you go to is down. Okay, so I'm biased on which tutorial website I go to first. =P =)

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

This is a very good and thorough website for learning HTML, XHTML, and CSS. In fact, when I need to know how to use a certain HTML tag or figure out what CSS code snippet to use, W3Schools is where I go to look up such things since it's hard to find something very specific in Webmonkey. Webmonkey focuses on tutorials while W3Schools has some simple tutorials plus the ability to look up those tutorials by HTML tag, CSS attribute, etc. It's a very helpful website and promises to be a good replacement when Webmonkey goes down for good.

World Wide Web Consortium

Often refered to as the W3C for short, this is the place where the official standards for HTML/XHTML along with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS, for short) are drawn out and posted along with validators to see if your website is complying with the written standards. (BTW, this isn't always a "good" thing since those colored scroll bars are invalid cascading style sheet code since that code only applies to those people who use Internet Explorer.) This place also has it's own list of tutorials for those who are just starting out. Just a word of warning to others: This place has really hard to read writing at times. It gets very technical, and sometimes I have a trouble understanding what they are trying to say. Still, if you want an "official" source of information on HTML standards, this is the place to go.

"Viewable With Any Browser" Campaign Website

The title of the website basically says it all, and hence, I've designed this website, to the best of my ability, to be viewable with all web browsers. The only browsers I might have trouble with at the moment would probably be the ones for cellphones... >.>;;;

The Web Standards Project

If you've ever designed a complex website, you understand just how hard it is to make it viewable for any browser. This is why we need certain web standards; less headache for the HTML coders.

This is basically a weblog about website design, and the layout itself is a taste of what XHTML Strict can look like. (My website is XHTML 1.0 Transitional.) If it looks all messed up, the problem is most likely your web browser, however you should be able to still navigate through it. I tend to use this weblog as a reference since it has some articles/tutorials relating to XHTML, and as a sort of guide on how my own XHTML and CSS code look like.

Random Links

Online Fanart Protection

This website explains one of my pet peeves: stolen fanart used without permission or, at the very least, without giving credit to the artist. Furthermore, I find it disturbing when this happens exclusively for artists who speak a foreign language and don't understand other languages. For example, people stealing and using fanart made by Japanese artists since the artists can't speak English and hence, it's "okay" to use their fanart. Stealing is bad. Don't do it.


A weblog/web journal service I used to not care for. Except now I really like it. ;P XD Uhhh... All I can say is that LiveJournal is really fun once you get the hang of it. ;D Also, I find that a lot of questions people have about customizing their LJ can be found in the FAQ section, if they bother to read and look. ;D


A search engine I use all the time. There is no other search engine I'd rather use. ;D They also have a handy toolbar that can be used to block pop-ups, however, I'm not sure if it can be used on a web browser other than Internet Explorer. >.>;;; Still, if you use Internet Explorer a lot (like me, cough), then you'd love this toolbar. And if you use Google a lot too, you'll reeeally like this toolbar since now you don't even have to type in the URL to do a search. XD

Dead Links

Marron's website was full of personal artwork and writing along with a few fanfics, but she felt like moving on and closed Good luck to you, Marron!

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