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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with people not reading the F.A.Q.? I don't know why, but for some reason, the F.A.Q. of a website is one of the first things I visit when running into a new website. You can find out what really bugs the owner almost right away, and you can deduce what problems the owner has been having lately with the website. Maybe, it's just that I like to help out people which is why I tend to read the F.A.Q. so much... o.O

Anyway, if you have a question that isn't answered here, please e-mail me. I'll be happy to answer your question. =)

The "May I" Questions

[May I post a link from my page to your site?]
[May I post your (insert fanfics, artwork, etc.) on my page?]
[May I copy your layout/graphics for my website?]

The "What" Questions

[What software did you use to make your webpage graphics?]
[What did you use to create your webpages?]
[What sort of materials do you use to draw?]

Just... Questions!

[When are you going to update?]
[Can you help me learn HTML?]
[Can you please teach me how to draw?]
[How can I get in touch with you?]
[Who are you?]

Q: May I post a link from my page to your site?

A: Sure, go ahead. ^_~ There are currently a total of four link banners for you to use (see below), if you wish to use them.

sad eye...
fishie link banner surprised eye...
Sailor Saturn...

Please save these link banners on your hard disk and upload them on your own webspace because I don't tolerate direct-linking. (I really hate it.) Thank you. =)

BTW, if you are linking to the main page of DayDream Hideaway, please use either of these two addresses:

The bottom one is a forwarding address so that you'll be able to find DayDream Hideaway if and when it moves. The top address is the real URL to DayDream Hideaway.

Q: May I post your (insert fanfics, artwork, etc.) on my page?

A: Please read the Policies & © Info section, of my Disclaimers & © Info page.

Q: May I copy your layout/graphics for my website?

A: Please read the "For This Website Layout & Graphics" part of the Policies & © Info section in the Disclaimers & © Info page.

But the short and fast answer is no.

Q: What software did you use to make your webpage graphics?

A: Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Good program, though it eats memory like no tomorrow.

Q: What did you use to create your webpages?

A: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 comes with Adobe ImageReady 3.0 which helps get images ready for website use. I was very surprised to find out that Photoshop/ImageReady will generate HTML code for you which is quite helpful. (The generated code is pretty clean too.)

That's not to say that Photoshop/ImageReady are HTML editors; on the contrary, all they will do for you is help you slice up the graphics side of your layout and make a table for it. Most of the HTML, text, and color scheme (excluding the graphical part of this website) you see here was coded in by hand with HomeSite 4.5 which is now owned by Macromedia and comes bundled with Dreamweaver (though apparently it is also sold separately from Dreamweaver).

The reason why I use HomeSite is because it provides syntax coloring (colors the HTML tags I type in), and allows me to peek at what the webpage currently looks like. Before, I used regular text editors (Notepad, and later, Editpad Lite) and had to have several web browser windows open to see what my webpage looks like. HomeSite does both without having to constantly switch between application windows which is very handy.

Q: What sort of materials do you use to draw?

A: It depends really on what I have on hand when I get the urge to draw, and it also depends on what I feel like drawing with. Most of my drawings back in high school were done on binder paper with a 0.5 mechanical pencil.

Sometimes I do drawings on plain white paper that's usually used for printers, other times I use scratch paper (something that's printed on one side), and sometimes I draw in sketchbooks (I like the ones that have a spiral binding and hard covers).

As for what I draw with, it ranges from regular pencils to mechanical pencils to ballpoint pens. Lately, I've been lightly sketching something out in pencil before going over it with a pen since I like how pens don't smudge after they dry. ^^

As for types of erasers, I've found that Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser works the best for erasing pencil marks cleanly and completely from a piece of paper. To just lighten pencil marks, a kneaded eraser does the job best.

I have other materials I use, but this is a basic list of what I use most of the time. I also have stuff leftover from the art classes I took at UC Berkeley; I haven't touched those things in a while, but I'm still keeping them just in case I need them. =)

Q: When are you going to update?

A: Whenever I feel like it and whenever I have time. Please understand that I like to update a lot of things at the same time. I will try to update more often since I usually do have drawings to post, just that I'm too lazy to scan them in. ^^;;;

Q: Can you help me learn HTML?

A: Sorry, but no. I would like to, but frankly, I'm still learning HTML myself, and I'm no expert.

Go to my HTML Help section in my Links Page for sites that offer tutorials and help with HTML. Also, check out The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever and click on the link that reads, "Page Tips". This leads you to a page of links and other goodies designed to help you out even if you're not a fan of Sailormoon.

Q: Can you please teach me how to draw?

A: Believe it or not (I'm still having trouble believing it because my drawings aren't that good...), I've had a few people e-mailing me asking if I could teach them how to draw. o.O;;

So, here are a list of websites that have art tutorials/tips (some of them have some great artwork to show as well):

How To Draw Manga
L i a n

Please note that a few of these websites have tips for how to use Adobe Photoshop. (Some of them ONLY have tips on how to use Photoshop.) This is because I am planning to use Photoshop to help me color in a few of my sketches.

The most important thing to do when you're trying to learn how to draw is practice. Keep practicing, and keep looking at your artwork to see what isn't working in your drawing and try to correct it. If you keep trying to fix what's wrong in your drawings, you'll find that your drawings will get better. =)

Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: E-mail me at pisces6 [at] centragarden [dot] net. Sorry, I am not giving out my ICQ number, AIM screenname, Yahoo! Messenger screenname, and MSN identity to people that haven't talked or e-mailed me beforehand.

Q: Who are you?

A: I'm pretty much a normal twenty-three year old college graduate who happens to like drawing, writing, website design, anime, and manga even though I currently do not have access to Cartoon Network. o_o; I also have fansubs to watch, but have yet to actually sit down and watch them. o_O;;; Old time favorites/interests have been Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, CardCaptor Sakura, Angelic Layer, X/1999 (TV series), Magic Knight Rayearth, and most recently (yes recently; I'm behind on the most current anime/manga series!), Inuyasha.

My dedication to Sailormoon lies in the following reasons:

  • I wouldn't be online if I didn't find out about it.
  • I wouldn't be able to draw people if I didn't try drawing Sailormoon characters first since before I saw Sailormoon, I drew exclusively animals.
  • Essentially Sailormoon was the anime that got me interested in anime (and later manga) series in general.

That being said, I've been a fan of Sailormoon pretty much around the same time I started browsing through the Internet; which puts me either in the old or 'middle' school fans section. I remember a time when the English dub was stuck in the middle of Sailormoon R. I remember a time when DBZ was first dubbed. I remember a time when I thought Sailormoon S and Sailormoon SuperS was never going to get dubbed because of the relationship between Kaioh Michiru and Tenoh Haruka.

*coughs* Anyway...

I've used the Internet handle "Pisces6" since sophmore year of high school, which means I've been online for around seven to eight years. o_O *feels old* Hence, I've gathered up a rather long list of nicknames: Pisces, P6, Uo-chan, P-chan, fishie, Pi6...

I'm currently semi-addicted to Ragnarok Online, Livejournal, LJ icon-making, website layout-making... Just to name a few. ;D

What do I currently want? I want to get a permanent job and get my own place to live. ^_^

*cough* Yeah, still working on that... >.> But I am currently in an internship. ;P

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