Hi! My name is Pisces6. =)

Welcome to version 3.1 of DayDream Hideaway. I call it DayDream Hideaway because I tend to daydream a lot, and I call it a hideaway because I've always wanted a hideaway of my own (like a tree house) and never had one. So this website became my hideaway. =) Basically I just stick my artwork and writings on this website. Well, the ones I get around to posting. I'm horribly bad at posting my writing and drawings since I'm a perfectionist. The problem with my drawings is that I rarely finish them (bad habit, I know).

What's new? Head over to the Filing Cabinet to check for updates. This website was last updated May 2, 2004.

Navigation for this site is found under the title banner. To get back to the main index, just hover your mouse over the words "DayDream Hideaway" in the title banner, and click.

Please note: If this website is stuck in a frame, or if you used the CJB.net forwarding address (check the URL bar of your web browser), please click here to get out of the frame. CJB.net calls this 'cloaking'; I dislike it since if you click on my webpage that leads to another website, you'll still have "DayDream Hideaway" stuck on your title bar even though you're not there anymore. And of course, the only way to get rid of this 'cloaking' is to pay them money. *rolls eyes*

Please scan through the Disclaimers & © Info area as well as the F.A.Q. first. They have answers to a lot of questions regarding the use of my content on other websites. As this website isn't a very popular website, I usually know where my stuff is being displayed outside my website. If you happen to find something that is definitely my stuff without credit given, please tell me about that website, including a link to that website. I will deal with the owner.

As for what's going on in the title banner... ^^;;;; It's a sort of joke for those who've read Goharotto-kun's A Ninja in 20XX. If you haven't read it yet, I really suggest you do; the storyline becomes really interesting as the comic strip progresses. ^_^

The joke has to do with two guest comic strips I made for Goharotto's webcomic. If you would like to read them, go to the A Ninja in 20XX page, look for the Guest Comic section, and click on number 15 or 17. #15 doesn't require any previous knowledge of the webcomic, but #17 does.

The girl on the right of the title banner is a sketch I drew while listening to the fourth opening of Inuyasha, Grip! (sung by Every Little Thing). I like both the opening and the song very much. ;D

Anyway, enjoy your stay here. =)

I believe in equality.

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